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Special thanks to dj Cheb i Sabbah

All proceeds benefit the Cheye Dekho Campaign by Drishtipat.

On October 2-3, 2001, in the aftermath of parliamentary elections, minority Hindu residents of the remote Bangladesh village of Annada Prashad were subjected to intolerable human rights abuses. Almost two hundred women were raped and hundreds of families were rendered homeless in organized attacks by the local power elite. Elsewhere in Bangladesh, stories of violence against the minority community have emerged. We must realize this is not about partisan Bangladeshi politics, but about the systematic oppression of minorities throughout South Asia.

Drishtipat, a non-profit human rights watch organization for Bangladesh, has launched the 'Cheye Dekho' campaign to stand up for the survivors of Annada Prashad and elsewhere in Bangladesh and raise funds to help them rebuild their lives.

Drishtipat are joined in their effort to collect and distribute funds by US based non-profit organization, SpaandanB, and leading Bangladeshi women's rights advocacy, Mahila Parishad. Drishtipat is also working closely with Bangladesh based organizations, such as the Ain O Shalish Kendra, as they address legal recourse on behalf of the victims.

Special thanks to
dj Cheb i Sabbah

Born in Algeria, dj CHEB i SABBAH began spinning in Paris in 1964. In the late 80's he became a fixture on the club scene in San Francisco and since 1990 has produced 50 plus concerts in the U.S. as part of his groundbreaking 1002 Nights Live series including performances by Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and Rai singers Fadela and Sahraoui, Cheba Zahouania, Cheb Hasni, and Cheb Nasro. Cheb i Sabbah may have helped to create the DJ phenomenon, but also stands apart from it. His passion for bringing the great traditions of Asia, Arabia and Africa to the immigrants of those continents and to Western listeners led to the release of his two albums Shri Durga and MahaMaya and the forthcoming Krishna Lila on Six Degrees Records.

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