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New Documentary About Bhopal Chemical Disaster To Coincide With 20th Anniversary Events For Bhopal, India.


Dec 4th - San Francisco
Dec 5th - Stanford

Screening and Discussion

On December 3, 1984, the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India leaked poisonous methyl isocyanate gas killing fifteen thousand helpless men, women and children. Hundreds of thousands more were permanently maimed. Bhopal was, and remains, the world’s worst chemical industry disaster.

Twenty years later, survivors and their families are being re-victimized by the deliberate thwarting of scientific and medical studies concerning the disaster. To this day, they have been denied definitive information about the precise composition of the leaked gas and its long-term effects. Each day, children are born with defects that may be related to the gas leak. Beautiful Bhopal, once known as the “City of Mosques” is a sad, disgraceful testament to the absence of environmental and human justice - very much a place where “the world stopped watching”.

The film "Bhopal: The Search for Justice", straddles the intersection between science, politics and human rights. Exploring charges of corruption, graft and greed, the film follows Raajkumar Keswani, the local journalist whose prediction of the Union Carbide disaster proved prophetic. Set against the rich visual tapestry of India, Keswani travels through the Indian bastiis where the poorest victims live, and to the offices of frustrated doctors and scientists. Finally he makes his first trip to North America in search of answers.

As activists protest and demand justice from DOW Chemical (which now owns Union Carbide), Keswani documents the legacy of the gas leak - the continued pollution of drinking water sources; gas widows trying to survive on inadequate settlements; the possibility that second and third generation children are growing up with genetic abnormalities caused by the gas.

The film explores the haunting human cost of a multinational polluter. Its subjects articulate their desperate need for the truth. Bhopal is a wound that continues to worsen. Beyond the initial horror and devastation of the gas tragedy is the spreading damage of environmental and genetic assault. At stake is more than fair compensation and long-term rehabilitation for the afflicted – “Bhopal” has become a rallying cry for post 9/11 concerns about chemical industry security and industrial pollution. Ultimately, the horrific gas leak at Union Carbide imposed a "chemical trespass" of the human body that demands greater regulation by governments and responsibility from multinational corporations. (2004, 65 minutes)

PRODUCER NADEEM UDDIN WILL BE PRESENT AT THE SCREENING Filmmaker Nadeem Uddin is a native of Bhopal, India, now living in the Pacific Northwest. He has produced and photographed programs for Indian television and social activist organizations. Nadeem is also the director of the documentary MAHA KUMBH MELA – “SONGS OF THE RIVER”, which documents the 2001 Khumb Mela festival (the largest gathering of humanity in recorded history!) that took place in Allahabad, India. Uddin is founder and president of Samsara Films.

Additional Information

Bhopal.net  Latest news and updates about the international campaign for justice in Bhopal.

Students for Bhopal  National network of students dedicated to campaigning for the victims of the Bhopal disaster

Petition for Justice  Petition to Dow Chemical: Even 20 years later, the people of Bhopal, India, continue to suffer and die because of Dow-Carbide’s gas and the poisons it left behind.

Raghu Rai's Photographs on Bhopal


Donate for Bhopal

SAT, DEC 4th, 4:30 PM

Roxie Theatre
San Francisco, CA 94103
3117 16th St.(@ Valencia)
tel: 415-863-1087

SUN, DEC 5th, 1:30 PM

Stanford Univ.
Palo Alto, CA 94305
Bechtel Int'l Center
Lomita Dr. and Mayfield Dr.
tel: 650-723-2300 MAP


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