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Citizens' Initiative (CI) is a coalition of secular social organizations and socially concerned citizens. This coalition emerged during the 2001 Gujarat earthquake and was able to orchestrate a coordinated response to the situation by pooling resources and expertise. Although the CI has no formal membership or legal registration, it has more than 25 social organizations and several prominent persons who provide their resources and expertise voluntarily till the government and NGOs take control of the situation.

CI responded to the social crisis created by the recent communal holocaust in Gujarat by sending teams to various affected areas in order to provide for victims' immediate physical, medical and emotional needs. In spite of the modest supplies that CI managed to send to all the camps, there are still serious needs within relief camps that the Government has yet to recognize and also from the other rural areas of Gujarat for food as well as non-food items. As a result the people in these camps are in a very critical situation and need immediate support.

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