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Caste & Race in India

Henri Tiphagne, renowned civil rights attorney and human rights defender from India will be speaking about caste, discrimination and torture in his home state of Tamil Nadu. Having just returned from the World Conference Against Racism, he will share his views on the meeting as well.

Henri Tiphagne has been one of the most pivotal leaders in the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights, and has been instrumental in bringing the plight of Dalits (“untouchables”) to prominent attention. He also founded Sudhanthra, an organization dedicated to assisting women in distress.

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Amnesty International is a worldwide movement dedicated to ending the violation of human rights around the world. During the AI’s Campaign Against Torture, the organization will step up its efforts to eradicate all forms of torture in every country in the world. This speaking tour is part of that effort.

For more information, contact AIUSA’s India Country Specialist, Govind Acharya at 510-339-8168 or via email at ga73@yahoo.com


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