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"blending activism and filmmaking"





Six of the films received awards at the
Film South Asia 99
held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Special Screening of Dushomoy
w/ Filmmaker Yasmine Kabir

Saturday, January 19 (Opening Night)

Ragi: Kana: Ko Bonga Buru (Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda) - The state needs to mine uranium, with tragic consequences for the population of Bihar. Winner, Third Best Film. more ...

START - 2:30pm
Shriprakash. 1999. 76 min. Bihar/India

Skin Deep - The search for femininity and how it permeates the self-image of contemporary Indian women. more ...

START - 4:00om
Reena Mohan.
1998. 83 min. India.

Muktir Kotha (Words of Freedom) - Bangladeshi villagers recall the 1971 war of liberation. more ...

START - 5:40pm
Tareque and Catherine Masud.
1999. 80 min. Bangladesh.

Sunday, January 21

No One Believes the Professor - A surreal voyage with Orpheus Augustus Marcks, aka Professor Sahib: a Lahori poet, actor, philosopher, athlete. Joint Winner, Best Film.
more ...

START - 1:00pm
Farjad Nabi.
1999. 25 min. Punjab/Pakistan.

Thin Air - Three Bombay magicians desparately try to make their imprint on the world. Joint Winner, Best Film.
more ...

START - 1:30pm
Ashim Alhuwalia.
1998. 42 min. Maharastra/India.

The Forgotten Army - Veterans of Subash Chandra Bose's Indian National Army retrace their historic march. With recovered footage from 1942-45. more ...
Winner, Grand Jury Prize.

START - 2:30 noon
Kabir Khan. 1997. 105 min. India.

Don't Pass Me By - "Macho" locals and the tourists who love them at the Nepali resort town of Pokhara.
more ...
START - 4:30pm
Sarah Kapoor, Christina Lamey and Kristi Vuorinen. 1999. 40 min. Nepal.


Duhshomoy (A Mother's Lament) - A 16-year-old garment factory worker is picked up by the Dhaka police, allegedly gang raped and dies in custody.
more ...
START - 5:15pm
Yasmine Kabir.
1999. 26 min. Bangladesh.

Voices of Dissent: A Dance of Passion - A female classical dancer, a male Kathak dancer, a film actress and a mullah reflect on dancing in Pakistan.
more ...
START - 6:00pm
NoorKhan Bawa.
1999. 22 min. Pakistan.

Pure Chutney - An excursion into the South Asian diaspora in Trinidad. Joint Winner, Second Best Film. more ...

START - 6:25pm
Sanjeev Chatterjee.
1998. 42 min. Trinidad and Tobago.

Sunday, January 28

Jibon (Life) - In Guwahati, a mother struggles with her 12-year-old son's incurable illness. more

START - 1:00pm
Altaf Mazid.
1998. 56 min. Assam/India.

A Letter to Samten - Understanding the life left behind by Bhutanese refugees in India. more ...

START - 2:00pm
Alex Gabbay.
1999. 25 min. Darjeeling District/India.




Fishers of Men - Adivasis of Chottanagpur have been converting to Christianity for 100 years. Hindu activists try to bring them "back."
more ...

START - 2:40 noon
Ranjan Kamath and Padmavathi Rao.
1997. 117 min. Madhya Pradesh/India.


Listening to Shadows - An exploration of the worlds of the sighted and the blind, through a dialogue between the filmmaker and his visually impaired friend. more ...

START - 4:50pm
Koushik Sarkar.
1998. 26min. Gujarat.

Three Women and a Camera - Three photographers examine their work as photographers, as women and products of their times. Joint Winner, Second Best Film. more ...

START - 5:20pm

Sabeena Gadihoke.
1998. 56 min. India.


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